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Bona Furtuna Organic Marinara Sauce with Oregano Flowers

25 oz jar - Sicily, Italy

Oregano Flowers Marinara

To the nose it absolutely wafts sweet oregano. You smell oregano at the front with a delicious background of tomato.

To the taste the there is a base layer of tomato across the tongue into the back and the oregano flowers are up high on the upper sides of the cheeks above the teeth and at the back of the throat. Together they make a wonderful, harmonious flavor.

At the forefront of the taste it is wonderfully oregano. With a vehicle of tomato. Think pasta of course but also a base for a flatbread quickie. Tortillas with a swirl of sauce, cheese sprinkled and bell peppers in the toaster oven.

This Marinara Sauce with an indigenous heirloom ancient variety of tomato called Corleonese, a variety grown for over 350 years in the Palermo Province area of Sicily. 

Bona Furtuna is the only commercial producer of this tomato in the world and it is pretty gosh darn tasty!

This native plant naturally grows in the long, hot summer months in Sicily, giving the tomato a wonderful fresh flavor and perfect acidity. It is this tang of flavor that makes these tomatoes special and different than all others. Add Oregano Flowers to the mix and it changes.