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  • AS DO MAR Tuna In Olive Oil
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As Do Mar Tuna In Olive Oil

200 gram tin (140 grams draineed) - Italy


One of our very favorite products, this beautiful, versatile canned yellowfin tuna is line-caught, processed when fresh, and packed in olive oil - you can't miss with this! As do Mar, a popular brand in Europe, it's wonderful in a variety of recipes and great right out of the can. Buy with caution - because after one taste, we've never gone back to grocery-store canned tuna!

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Serving Suggestions

As do Mar tuna in olive oil is our choice for Salade Niçoise, and it's a perfect addition to any antipasto plate. Or try it on a bed of greens with sliced, ripe tomatoes and a handful of good olives for an easy, delicious and very healthy lunch - no mayo required!

About As Do Mar

Off the southwest coastline of Europe lie the tiny Azores, a chain of Portuguese islands that are right in the middle of prime Atlantic tuna grounds. As Do Mar tuna is line caught, and processed while still fresh. The solid flesh of the yellowfin tuna is richer in fats than albacore, which means that the meat is darker - pink to reddish - and it is moister and richer in flavor.

As do Mar tuna was voted one of Saveur magazine's top 100 items for 1998, and this canned tuna in olive oil was a Food and Wine favorite for 2005.

About the Tuna

Bigeye tuna is a species that travels with schools of yellowfin, but swims beneath them to even greater depths. The result of swimming in this deeper, colder, water is an even higher fat content and richer flavor. Occasionally, bigeye are caught along with the yellowfin and not separated, so you may get a bonus of bigeye in your can!