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Recca Anchovies - Salt-Packed

1000 gr net/600 gr drained

These salted, whole anchovies have been praised by everyone from Alice Waters to Julia Child. Huge and delicious, Recca anchovies are a pantry must for the true anchovy afficionado. 

Serving Suggestions

Salt-packed anchovies add great flavor and depth to classic Caesar Salad dressing, Pasta Puttanesca, and many other Mediterranean dishes. Or you can just eat them whole, with salad, toast, or pasta to enjoy their wonderful aroma, firm texture, and excellent flavor.

About the Producer

Agostino Recca has been “bringing good things from nature to the world’s table” for four generations. Based in the Sicilian town of Sciacca, the company's specialty is beautiful Italian anchovies from the Mediterranean. Agostino Recca was recently awarded the prestigious Certificazione di Qualita ISO 9002 for commitment to the finest ingredients and production standards.

How to store your anchovies

Although salt-packed anchovies are delicious, the can is not small, and rarely would a home cook use a whole can in one dish or consume a whole can in one sitting. The best way to store your un-eaten salt-packed anchovies is to place them in a glass container and place the glass container in the back of your fridge. The salt will prevent them from going bad, so they should last for at least 6 months. Thanks for asking, "Fishy-in-Burbank".


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We knew the anchovies were going to be above average - and they were. What matters is that the price was fair, and delivery was exactly as promised.
by Paul