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Red Boat Umami Anchovy Salt

100 gram bag - Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam

Anchovy Salt!
It's salt filled with the essence of the sea!

Open the bag and your nose and face are filled with the smells of anchovy fish sauce. To some it may be heaven, to some it is, at best, a questionable smell.

Do not let this intense rich and meaty smell put you off. What is contained in this massive flavor enhancer is a great way to put spark in a tomato sauce, salad dressing, on grilled vegetables, or chicken and lamb.

It is a salt with anchovies! No need to mash up an anchovy. You can just use this salt filled flavorful fun of Red Boat fish sauce. Remember, you are not adding fishy'ness, you are adding a way to open up your palate to all the flavors in a dish.

It only takes a pinch to make things bright!


Anchovy, Sea salt