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  • Scalia Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil (Tin)


Scalia Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil (Tin)

700 g net/380 g drained - Sicily, Italy

This is the anchovy lover's tin: 380 grams of delicious anchovies in extra virgin olive oil. (That's almost nine times the amount in the little jars!)

Scalia is known for its anchovy fillets packed in extra-virgin olive oil - yes, extra-virgin! Many companies, especially those available in the grocery store, use second-press oil or a less flavorful oil like sunflower or soybean. In addition, these anchovies have been aged for at least 12 weeks and this means richer, more complex flavors.

About the Canned Anchovy Fillets

This little fish is a small, warm water relative of the herring, a Northern European staple. And just as the peoples of the north salted their herring to preserve them, the anchovy has long been salted by fishermen and packers in the Mediterranean, where it is a staple.

Anchovies are packed in one of two ways, brined fillets that are packed in olive oil (the good ones are packed in olive oil!) in jars or cans, and whole salted fish packed in salt in large cans.

What is most important about these little Sicilian blue fish is that they are only taken during the proper season - otherwise they will have a mushy texture when they are preserved - and cleaned and salted as soon as possible after they are caught. Because of Scalia's attention to detail it is possible to discover the flavor and texture of the ancient Mediterranean.

From one end of the peninsula to the other, Italians use these little, aromatic, preserved fish in almost any conceivable dish. While in the south, they seem to show up with practically the same frequency they use olive oil, they are also a common addition numerous sauces, salads, and other dishes in the north.

About the Producer

Scalia Benedetto has been one of the top Sicilian companies for preserving fish since 1973. While they're neither as large nor as old as their major competitors, this allows them to do things the old-fashioned way, and the difference is clear in the flavor and texture oil-packed fillets and salt-packed whole anchovies.

The company was founded by Benedetto Scalia in Sciacca Thermae on the Agrigento coast of southwest Sicily, a city famous for its fishing fleet. Their anchovy products are carefully processed by the women of Sciacca using traditional techniques.


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Best anchovies ever..
I am on a diet so everything I am allowed to eat is tasteless and not satisfying. I changed that with little cans of Sardines from the grocery store. Bad idea, if you buy ten cans you get ten versions of little fish. I especially hate the mushy ones. This huge can holds nearly a pound of muscular fish fillets that are fresh, not too salty, packed in olive oil easy to use once you transfer them in to a glass container with lid to keep in your refrigerator for easy access. I top them off with olive oil to keep them nice and moist. That brings me to my only complaint. The can says "Easy opening" - not so. That cute little ring that also adorns cat food cans popped off, the lid did not. It took my best can opener and half my toolbox to get to the delicious content. If you gave a guy around the house let him handle the opening. However, if you do have a guy around order two cans so you do not have to share.
by Karin