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Acquerello Aged Carnaroli Rice - 1.1 pounds - Italy

Carnaroli aged to perfection!

Italy grows some of the finest rice in the world. From black rice to white and the varieties in between, the flavor and the resulting dish can be the best on the planet.

Acquerello il Riso Carnaroli has been around in our food world “forever”. One of the first of the slow food “movement” foods, Acquerello il Riso Carnaroli was awarded the “Snail of Approval” in 1986. Taking a year to produce, the rice undergoes the steps of aging, refining in a special process and enriching with its own germ. The result is tastier, richer and healthier. (Their words and we agree.)

The rice is in a vacuumed sealed can and this might be the most important feature of this delicious rice, at a minimum ensuring the flavor profile the maker has intended.

We are so happy to have it back on our shelves! Both the normal aged 1 year and the 7 year aged Carnaroli are great to have in your pantry.

This is THE short grained rice to make the epic dish Risotto. Ever wonder why your risotto became mushy before it was cooked or was grainy and not creamy? It’s probably the rice. With great rice, everything is nice!