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  • Biscuiterie de Provence Organic Almond Cake - Flourless


Biscuiterie de Provence Flourless Organic Almond Cake (Gluten Free)

240 gr/8.47 oz.
- France

Flourless and gluten-free. You won't believe it, and you won't care. This is an awesome cake - rich, moist, nutty and buttery - and never mind that it comes in a tin with a pull-tab top. 

Actually, it's the tin that keeps Biscuiterie de Provence flourless almond cake fresh and makes it ideal for a picnic or camping trip or any kind of travel. It's also just as delicious at home ... perfect for a party or just to have ready for dessert.

Serving Suggestions

Try it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, or with fresh fruit. Our apricot and raspberry syrups make a perfect accompaniment.

Serves 4-5. Though this is a small cake, about 8 inches diameter, it is rich, and though the box says serves 4 to 5, one could easily eat the whole thing in one sitting. But, let's face it, all we need is a sliver. As part of a wonderful desert, it can serve more.

The other day when the cakes arrived in the warehouse, we sampled one and it disappeared in a matter of minutes. We even placed candied violet and rose petals on each piece to dress it up. Fantabulous!

This is one good treat! And did we mention it is gluten-free?

Ingredients: Almonds (28%), sugar, eggs, butter (AOC from Charente/Poitou), pure vanilla extract.

sugar, almonds 32%, eggs, fresh butter, pure vanilla extract