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Willowood Farm Rockwell Bean - Dried - 1 pound bag 

- about 3 cups - Whidbey Island, Washington

Extremely limited supply this year. One only per customer. 

Absolutely gorgeous beans! They hold their shape and have this wonderful creamy feel and have a distinct taste.

About Rockwell Beans:
Rockwell Beans are an extremely rare heirloom variety of bush bean native to Coupeville, Washington. The bean came from early Coupeville pioneer, Elisha Rockwell, who settled in Coupeville in the late 1800s. He maintained a variety of dry bush bean that rapidly became popular in the small pioneer community for its ability to germinate in cool soils and mature rapidly - both extremely important traits in a cool, maritime climate. the Rockwell Bean is a beautiful white bean with cranberry mottling color and, most importantly, a wonderful flavor and ability to hold its shape when baked.

From the package:

"A rare heirloom bean from a historic island farming communicty in the Pacific Northwest.  Grown since the late 1800s bu farmer's wives who appreciated the Rockwell's rich flavor perfect for a hearty baked bean dish after a long day in the farm fields."

Recipe on the package:

Grandma Smith's Rockwell Baked Beans

2-3 cups of Rockwell Beans
1/2 - 1 cup brown sugar (we use Dark Muscovado)
1/4-1/2 cup Dried Mustard (Kozliks!)
1 medium-large onion - chopped
4-5 large cloves of garlic - chopped into large chunks
1 small package cured salt pork - cut into 1 inch chunks
water to cover
sea salt and freshly-ground tellicherry pepper to taste

1. Soak bean overnight

2. Place beans in a 2-quart oversafe casserole dish with a lid.  Add onion, garlic, salt pork and half the brown sugar and dry mustard.  Cover with water, enough to cover the beans by about double the depth.  Put lid on, place in over at 325 to 350 degrees.  Bak for 3-4 hours, checking every 30 minutes to stir and add water if the bean start to dry out.

3. When beans are soft and creamy, add more brown sugar, dry mustard and salt and pepper, as desired.

4. Take lid off and cook an additional 15 minutes to caramelize the top and cook off any excess water.