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  • Kozliks Canadian Dijon by Anton Mustard


Kozliks Canadian Dijon by Anton Mustard - 8.5 oz jar - All Natural, Gluten Free - Canada

The nose is just like you would expect, Dijon. It's that sweet smell and a bit of tang from the vinegar. What you notice as well is that there is no unpleasant cheap vinegar leftover to wrinkle your nose.

The taste is nice and clean, truly a pure mustard taste. With just enough heat to make your throat grunt a bit. It's good.

About Kozlik's
Canada grows over 90% of the world's mustard and is home to the world's biggest and oldest mustard mill. Kozlik's has been hand-making mustard for over 60 years, and is recognized as the world's best.

ingredients: Mustard, white wine vinegar, water, sprices, herbs, garlic, salt, dijon, canadian