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Vieiru DO Manzanilla Cacerena Olive Oil

500 ml bottle - Extremadura, Spain - 2021 Harvest

100 percent Manzanilla Cacerena!

The Manzanilla Cacereña olive is one of the most prized olives in Spain. 80% of the production is for eating out of hand and only 20% of the crop is used for olive oil.

Described as having a firm flesh, good texture and a balanced flavor for eating, it is this flavor profile that also makes it a wonderful oil as well.

A beautiful yellow color with a green tinge and to the nose the oil has a sweet salty smell of olives. The Vieiru Manzanilla Cacerena Olive Oil is soft and luscious as you dip the tip of your tongue into a spoonful.

The taste is recognizably Spanish, yet, different. In small sips, it tickles the back of your throat. With more, you get a little cough. Just about right.

Buttery, full, rich, with hints of green apple sharpness and freshly cut grass, with a perfect balance of sweet and bitter. When you fill your mouth with a spoonful, the oil remains in front and the vapors move to the back, giving off alternating whiffs of bitter and sweet olive.

You will find yourself smacking your cheeks and chewing, if you will, the oil after it has dissipated from your mouth as your sensors remind you over and over of how wonderful it was!

The Vieiru Manzanilla Cacerena Olive Oil meets just about everyone's desires when it comes to oil. Personality and full of flavor, without being bent too far in any direction. Just about right for just about everything. It might just be one of the best oils, ever!

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Note about harvest dates: In the nothern hemisphere, olives are harvest and pressed between October and December.  Which means the current harvest is actually last year. So, for example, if we are in 2017, the current harvest year is 2016.