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  • Vialone Nano (Fior di Riso)


Vialone Nano (Fior di Riso)1 kg/2.2 lbs

Vialone Nano is an Italian white rice that has short, plump grains and cooks to a beautifully creamy consistently - a great choice for risotto. A bit shorter and fatter than Carnaroli, it's as highly prized in the Veneto region as Carnaroli is in Piemonte.

**COOKING TIP** To preserve the high starch content of this and other Italian rices, it's important not to rinse the rice. Starch contributes to the creamy consistency of the rice as well as the flavor.

About the Producer

The Azienda Agricola La Gallinella has for many generation been the property of the same family that directly manage and oversee the cultivation. Agriculture at la Gallinella is the fountain of life, tradition, pride, and their profound tie with nature. Located on the Lombardy side of the Po plain, La Gallinella produces excellent Arborio rice using certified organic methods.