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  • Uncle Joes Mint Balls


Uncle Joe's Mint Balls

7-oz cylindrical tin - Peppermint Ball Candy - Wigan, England  

nside this very classic pry-top can is housed minty fresh mints, all wrapped individually. So you can steal a couple for your pocket or purse, seal it back up, and give them away. And no one will know.

Or, skip the giving away and throw the can in the car for that long trip to the country when holiday traffic is so bad.

Uncle Joe’s mints "keep you all aglow"! This is made with the premium English Mint. Who would think just three ingredients could make the most delicious mint candy.

Uncle Joe’s masterfully blends golden brown cane sugar, cream of tartar, and oil of peppermint to create a treat that keeps you on the happy side. The recipe has remained a closely guarded secret, but these refreshing minty treats are still manufactured in the traditional way, over open gas fires.

Perhaps the very best on the planet, it's not just a "mint", not just a "candy"; we consider Uncle Joe's Mint Balls a food.

Established in 1898, the award winning Wm. Santus & Co. LTD. is run by a fourth generation confectioner who still guards the secret recipe that makes this sweet the sweetest!

You can't have enough in your pantry (or your glovebox). You just never know when you will need a refreshing pick-me-up! Uncle Joe's Mint Balls make you feel so good!

Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, oil of peppermint, cream of tartar.
Vegan, gluten-free.