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  • Organic Turmeric - Ground


Essential Pantry Ground Turmeric - Organic
2 oz bag

Think of this as a "fresh" product. It was just hand ground with mortar and pestle in the market in Casablanca and air-shipped in to the chefs. You can tell it is hand ground by the fact that it is not a fine powder.

organically grown, freshly ground, flown in!

Tur•mer•ic is one amazing aromatic perennial herb of the Zingiberaceae or ginger family. This tuberous rhizome (root) a flowering plant grows in tropical locales, is most often ground fresh like wasabi, or boiled, dried, and ground to make a powder.

Once upon a time it, was called Indian Saffron (in fact it is still used to dye impostor saffron) for it’s deep orange color. It is also know for it's powerful health benefits that Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine have been using for 4000 years to reduce inflammation, help with toothaches, and jaundice. Perhaps the true route to its success is how it helps with flatulence and digestive issues.

Like a high-quality fresh olive oil, turmeric is showing that it might also be a fighter of Alzheimers and diabetes. (Caution for diabetics as it can thin blood, always ask your doctor)

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, and it is curcumin that is believed to destroy mutated cells associated with prostate, breast, and colon cancers.

But it’s not just these reasons to have turmeric in your cupboard. It should be in your food for its palette enhancing pleasing bold color. And its not just palette pleasing it is also palate perfect for your lentils, sprinkle on veggies, or used to brighten your eggs up. Simply add it to your favorite dishes like Moroccan Fried Rice or Singapore noodles.

It seems that the turmeric is a good “preventive” food, enhancing dishes and in turn your body!
About turmeric

Turmeric is a member of the Ginger family. Though it is also used in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, it is cultivated and eaten most frequently in India. Turmeric is peppery, woody, warm and musky with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. It is at once peppery and citrusy, with a hint of the gingerroot it resembles.

Curries, pickles, pilaus and spice mixtures would be absolutely bereft without the color and flavor of turmeric. Its very mild taste lends itself well rice, vegetable and pulse dishes.

packed in a resealable zip-style pouch