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  • Sweet Rice Flour - Mochiko - 1 pound


Sweet Rice Flour - Mochiko

1 pound box

Flour ground from milled Sho-Chiku-Bai Sweet Rice (pure rice, no enrichment added). This gluten free rice flour is mild with a neutral flavor. It has superior freezing properties, is an excellent thickening agent, and the perfect rice flour for Tempura. Very finely ground and very versatial.

This mochiko sweet rice flour is suitable for individuals on wheat, rye, oat, and barley gluten-free diets. The Koda Farms facilities are dedicated exclusively to rice processing.

About the Producer
Koda Farms is located in the sunny San Joaquin Valley of central California. The land has been worked by third-generation farmers and millers since the 1920s. This premium rice flour, ground from short grain sweet rice, is exceptional in that all facets of its production are overseen on the Koda family farm - from the growing and harvesting of this specialty rice, to the milling and grinding of the pure, unadulterated kernels.