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  • Suehiro Ponzu Sauce


Suehiro Ponzu Sauce

150 ml bottle - Japan

"Ponzu" is an ingredient and finishing flavor that is truly special.

This elevated-quality Ponzu doesn't have just one or two citrus fruits; it has four different citruses, making it rounder, more fragrant, surprising, and simply more! The blend brings a combination of flavor notes that are complex yet gentle.

To the nose, it has a wonderfully sweet combo-citrus whiff. Yuzu is the upfront aroma, Daidai gives it sweetness, and if you inhale long enough and let it sit in your nostrils for a moment, you get a touch of acidity, present but not bold, from the Sudachi. It must be the Yukou that adds gentleness and floral notes.

When poured into a spoon, the aroma fills the air with a less pronounced citrus and more of a woody, not quite smoky note. The taste is an unmistakable base of shoyu with complexity and a lightness of being that doesn't overpower your taste sensors like shoyu can. The color is like medium shoyu.

This combination of flavors is clearly well-considered, brought together just as you might bring three olives together to make olive oil, tasted until it is perfectly correct, and then tasted again and again just to be sure.

Because it is so palatable on the spoon, you can imagine how you might use this to dip sushi, sashimi, vegetables, or drizzle over some soba noodles. It has just the right amount of umami flavor, emphasized by the Ma Konbu dashi that Suehiro has added.

This is the kind of flavorful ingredient you will add today to what you didn't think of yesterday. A touch of this Ponzu can make your day better.

ingredients: dark soy sauce (water, soy beans, wheat, salt, alcahol), citrus juice (yuzu, citrus sudachi, bitter orange, yukou citrus), mirin (rice, rice koji, brewing alcahol, starch), kondu dashi (water, kelp), sugar