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  • Spedalotto Tonda Iblea Sicilian Olive Oil - Nuovo


Spedalotto 100% Tonda Iblea Sicilian Olive Oil - Nuovo - 2023 Harvest

500 ml bottle - Chiaramonte Gulfi, Sicily

Hot off the presses!

The first whiff and it smells just like you want it to! The richness of olives with a hint of tang. Pour a little into a snifter, swirl it around and draw in the aroma! Wow! Lovely!

There really is nothing like the oil that’s pressed right after the annual olive harvest.

It’s the blend of olives in varying states of ripeness, in this case Tonda Iblea olives from a winery estate in Sicily.

The first sip of oil off a spoon is full of rich, buttery, olive flavor. You’ll notice hints of green tomatoes and artichoke, which give it a lightly bitter edge. It will tickle and kick the back of your throat with light, peppery notes that are vibrant but never overly aggressive.

Savor it with a swirl in your mouth and enjoy the fresh grassiness. Be surprised at the lack of an oily slick.

It’s so refreshing that you look forward to another spoonful as your mind travels to how perfectly wonderful this would be on a simple plate of spaghetti! Add a few capers and Parmigiano-Reggiano to dress it up if you must. The oil is perfection for a simple meal. I could eat this combination for days and never get bored.

If you have a fresh loaf of ciabatta, sprinkle a slice or a hunk with large flakes of salt, like Maldon, and drizzle heavily with Olio Nuovo. You’ll be surprised how heavenly something so simple can be.

This is the oil that will start the holiday season well!