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  • Soom Chocolate Sesame Spread


Soom Chocolate Premium Tahini Sesame Spread - 12 oz jar - Philadelphia, PA (Israel)

Ingredients: Tahini (ground sesame seeds), powdered pure cane sugar, cocoa powder

Soom’s premium Tahini. And it was like the bright light that blasts you when revelation hits you on the forehead! Smooth, creamy, and the wonderful taste that you expect sesame to have.

The best Tahini is made with the best sesames. And the best sesames are Ethiopian White Humera seeds. Soom Sesame Premium Tahini uses single-sourced Ethiopian White Humera sesame seeds to create their amazingly delicious Tahini.

And don't forget to try Sooms (Chocolate included) sesame spread. Two healthy ingredients come together for you to spread your wings and try on toast. (At least)