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  • Solea Whole Peeled Tomatoes


Solea Whole Peeled Tomatoes

480 grams (28 oz) - Naples, Italy

Favored by pizza-makers, because the tomato juice added to the can makes everything on the inside thicker - so you can use contents, once you crush the tomatoes - directly on a pizza without cooking the sauce.

peeled tomatoes, tomato juice


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Best for Pizza sauce
We wanted to recreate the amazing pizza we had in Italy at Da Michele in Naples and apparently they use this brand of tomatoes. We've been making our own pizza in our wood burning pizza oven for a couple of years now but were missing the amazing taste of the tomato sauce until we bought Solea brand. It's expensive but it was well worth it. Smooth, non-acidic taste and nice thickness. It's perfect for pizza.
by Isa