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  • Sgambaro Organic Kamut Penne Rigate Pasta


Sgambaro Organic Kamut Penne Rigate Pasta

500 gram bag - Veneto, Italy

This ancient grain, khorasan wheat, has a branded name of KAMUT. This wheat, when under the name KAMUT cannot be genetically modified or hybridized. And it is always grown organically.

Khorasan wheat is known for its sweet nutty-buttery taste and has good firm bite. It is also easy to digest, with excellent protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals including selenium.

KAMUT Khorasan wheat today is very close to what this wheat was when it was placed in the Egyptian tombs. In Turkey the farmers call the grain "Camel's Tooth" because of its shape, and it is also known as "Prophet's Wheat" because legend says Noah brought the grain on the ark.

This wheat, though not gluten free, is tolerable for some gluten-intolerant people. Let us know if that is the case for you. 


Try KAMUT pasta from Sgambaro. No matter the shape, it is a wonderful pasta! 


ingredients: organic KAMUT Khorasan wheat flour (contains wheat)