• Season of Sweet Red Cherries - 15 pounds total
  • Sweet Lapin Washington Cherries
  • sweetheart cherries from Washington
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Picked packed and shipped for 2020  Consider the Lapin bigger and sweeter

Season of Sweet Red Cherries - 15 pounds total

Picked-at-their-Peak Washington cherries are harvested and shipped between Mid-June and Mid-July 2020. 

Reserve your Season of Cherries today.

Can't decide which variety of sweet, dark cherry to order? You don't have to choose - buy an entire Season and get all three - for a total of 15 pounds of fresh red cherries delivered to your door.  

Bing Fresh Cherries -
5 pounds - Currently estimated to start shipping Late June 
Lapins -
5 Pounds - Currently estimated to ship in Early July 
Sweethearts Fresh Sweet Cherries -
5 Pounds - Currently estimated to ship in Mid JULY

Give the gift that gives once, and then 3 more times. Have fresh cherries delivered throughout the season with the Picked-at-their-Peak Cherries Gift Certificate!

Taking orders now for harvest and shipping between Mid June to Early July. Order for the 15-pound Season will be accepted through Early June

* PRICE INCLUDES EXPEDITED SHIPPING within the Continental US only. Call us (800.596.0885) if you need to know what the additional shipping charges are to Alaska or Hawaii.

Product Information:
As seen in New York Times

Important Shipping, Pricing and Gift Information: CLICK HERE

**Note: Quintet of Cherries not eligable for any discounts - as Season is already highly discounted

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