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  • Scrappys Black Lemon Bitters


Scrappy's Black Lemon Bitters - 6 oz - Seattle, WA

From the producer....

A "Black Lemon" is an earthy, smoky, spice commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking, and contrary to what the name suggests, is actually a dehydrated lime, but the name of the spice was a mistranslation from Arabic to English ages ago. Despite not having any actual "black lemon" in this bitters, the bright and fresh lemon flavor has rich floral notes and deep earthy spices that are reminiscent of the "black lemon," hence the name.

From us ... These citrus bitters are by far our favorite of Scappy's products - not that we don't like everything Mill's makes! It has a citrus punch that can't be beat - but with an unusual twist.  You will have people wondering what the heck you put in your cocktail!


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