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  • Fallot Walnut Dijon Mustard - small jar


Edmond Fallot Walnut Dijon Mustard

7.4 oz jar - France

By far one of our favorite Fallot mustards. There's something about walnuts and stone ground Dijon mustard that make an unbeatable combination.


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Delicious Roasted Walnut taste
Finally, a French Mustard that is actually made in France! It just got here today and I have been eating it with a spoon so I do not know which foods it will enhance. It will probably be best on bland food like fingerling potatoes or chicken breast that do not interfere with the divine walnut flavor and spices of this quality European import.
by Karin
New dimension to mustard
I was expecting something from this mustard but would not have been able to guess what that was. The Walnut oil base creates a wonderful "warm" note that tastes like growing up in northern California. Will be feeding the "yellow" mustard to the kids. This one is mine!
by Marshall