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  • Sardinian Mosciame - Salt-Cured Tuna Loin
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Mosciame del Tonno (Salt-Cured Tuna Loin)
1 piece (approximately 270-320 grams)
- Sardinia

Size and price will vary.

Mosciame del Tonno, salt-cured tuna loin, is an exquisite artisanal product of Sardinia, and a relic of the country's ancient methods of food preservation. Smeralda, the producer, is one of a handful of companies dedicated to the traditional food ways of Sardinia, and the result is a truly unique product.

About Mosciame
Tuna is still fished just once a year in many parts of Sardinia, and several kinds of curing methods are employed to prolong the life of the meat and enhance its flavor. Mosciame is sun-dried and salted strips of this prized tuna. It's sought after for its tender texture and fresh flavor and it's often used instead of fresh cooked fillets on antipasti and salad dishes.

Trying this salt-cured tuna loin for the first time, I was genuinely surprised by its mildness. Its texture was even more unlikely; it has a soft but chewy bite and reminded me very much of bresaola or jamon. I immediately rethought what I might want to eat it with; this would be fantastic in eggs, sandwiches, and a whole host of other dishes I wouldn't normally associate with fish.

Serving Suggestions
You can serve mosciame del tonno as you would any dried, aged meat: cut thin and plate it alongside cheese, fresh and pickled vegetables as an appetizer, or quickly pan fry them in olive oil and serve on a mound of pasta. Wrap thin slices around grilled vegetables or grate fine shreds into soup or salad.