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  • La Vecchia Dispensa Balsamic 30-anniv - 500ml


La Vecchia Dispensa Balsamic 30-anniv (Density: 1.35)
500 ml
- Modena, Italy

Best deal for balsamic we have!

In honor of their 30th anniversary, balsamic vinegar makers La Vecchia Dispensa created this commemorative gem, a rich, thick balsamic ideal for drizzling.

For this vinegar, the grape has been cooked down a bit longer than usual and then aged in small, new wood barrels, before being transferred to open barrels to finish fermentation.

Serving Suggestions

Experience over the centuries has shown that balsamic vinegar should be the last ingredient added to any dish; except when used to dress salads, of course, balsamic is excellent in vinaigrette. A delicious balsamic may be appreciated on the full on flakes of Parmesan cheese, on strawberries, on steak or ice cream. This 30th-anniversary balsamic from Italy is full-bodied and particularly good with venison, as well as duck and other game birds.

About the Producer

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I'm hooked!
I've tried several different balsamics from Chef Shop and this one is my favorite! It's thick and delicious! I have put it on steaks, pork loin, grilled pineapple and always use it on salads with yummy success! I may never be able to afford the LA VECCHIA DISPENSA 100-YR BALSAMIC (which is on my wish list), but this one is excellent tasting and the price can't be beat! Thank you La Vecchia and Chef Shop!
by Donna
The Best
I started out planning to use this wonderful balsamic as a special finishing vinegar. It is perfect: thick, luscious, with a balance of tart and sweet flavors. It transforms strawberries into a unique dessert and is amazing on grilled veggies (especially eggplant and asparagus). Now, I am hooked and use it most of the time. Life is too short to use a lesser balsamic!
by Rebecca
A Balsamic From Heaven!
This 30th Anniversary special balsamic from LaVecchia Despensa is just that, SPECIAL. We have had several different qualities by this firm (except their 100 yr) and each is wonderful but the richness and flavor of the 30th Anniversary is truly amazing. Just opening the bottle the aroma makes you want to just drink it from the bottle. The fruit flavor is delightful so you don't want to stop. But, don't do it because this vinegar is at its absolute best when devoured a drop at a time. The flavor and zing of balsamic lingers in your mouth making you feel heavenly and it makes even the cheapest sliver of cheese taste like the best in the world. We have compared this to another brand we own rated with a gold seal. This 30th Anniversary blend tops the other. A hint to first time buyers, when cutting the seal to open bottle, keep a finger on top as the top will fly off the bottle like it was a bottle of DOM.
by Rosanne
La Vecchia Dispensa 30-year
I have been using this for years, and it is wonderful on meats, poultry, fish, salads, fruits, vegetables. The quality of this balsamic is extremely high and comparable to some of the higher priced ones. It's flavor is deep, neither too tart nor too sweet. A fine product.
by Julia