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  • Sardinian Bottarga Di Tonno


Bottarga Di Tonno (Tuna)

Approx 200-250 grams/piece  - Italy

Italian Bottarga di Tonno may be shaved, sliced, chopped or grated, and just a little provides a ton of flavor to a whole host of dishes. 

A very popular dish is Spaghetti con Bottarga, made with grated or finely chopped bottarga, olive oil, red pepper flakes and chopped parsley - simple but delicious. 

Try topping a salad of bitter greens with shaved tuna bottarga, or grate it into your rice congee for a more flavorful breakfast. 

Bottarga is pressed salted mullet or tuna roe. It is a very common ingredients in Sardinia and Sicily, where seafood is abundant.

Since the flavors of the bottarga is quite strong, it doesn't take much to make your pasta dish sing.

Our Italian Bottarga di Tonno should be kept in a cool place away from the light. For modern households, the refrigerator is usually the best spot.