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  • La Vecchia Dispensa 10-YR Balsamic (1 liter)


La Vecchia Dispensa 10-YR Balsamic (Density: 1.22)
1 liter
- Modena, Italy

This bottle holds 4 times the amount of La Vecchia Despensa 10-yr balsamic, and normally we only sell it to restaurant chefs... But we've decided to offer this incredibly delicious deal to all of our customers!

This relative youngster is oh so much more versatile than any balsamic made with wine vinegar - regardless of age or price.

As they will tell you at La Vecchia Despensa, creating a young versatile balsamic with the right balance of acidity and sweetness is a true art; the art of blending - without using any wine vinegar of course. Just the right amount of old balsamic with its sweet but complex flavor profile needs to be added to younger balsamic with its feisty acidity. That's what they've done with their "Quadrato" - called 10-yr balsamic here in the States to give people a sense of the aged vinegars used in the blending.

It has a refreshing level of acidity, despite the fact that it is made solely from cooked grape must. Sweet and sour act in harmony toward a slow, dry finish. This is one of our favorite, all-purpose balsamics - its depth of flavor gives it a versatility that outshines all cheap imitators, and many authentic balsamics as well.

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One liter of balsamic
Good value for La Vecchia Dispensa 10-year old balsamic. Just had it on avocado and home-grown tomato toast - unbeatable! I hope it will last me a couple of months until resupply.
by Paul
Excellent, Versatile Balsamic; great value
I've been buying and using this product for several years now. It is lively and well-balanced, made from all cooked grape must -- no vinegar has been added. You can use it on salads or in cooking and your dishes will be all the better for it. To be sure, you won't mistake it for a 25 year old traditional balsamico. But it is certainly more than good enough to use regularly without feeling guilty. For home needs, the 1 liter bottle is great and lasts us a very long time. This won't be our last order of this wonderful product.
by Michael