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  • Sal de IBIZA with Edible Flowers


Sal de IBIZA with Edible Flowers (con Flores)

75 grams / 2.6 oz - Tube

 Sea Salt with Flowers

This is so wonderful!

Pour a little salt and petals into the palm of your hand.

Inhale with gusto and get a nose full of fresh.

It is a fresh field of spring wildflowers in the palm of your hand.

It’s a floral salt with a dreamy breath of fresh breeze.

The salt itself is light with a big crunch that is small (the crystals are small). The floral of roses is the finish at the tip and on the lips, or is it the marigold with the orange blossom leaves?

Colorful and flavorful!

It’s like a country jamboree, fun with familia and neighbors all singing to your taste buds!

When you top your deviled eggs it is like you are adding a touch of spring wildflowers along with a gentle sea breeze! Perhaps that is a bit of an over-exaggeration, for sure though it is a good looking salt!

Not just for savory or sweet, this sal de mar is so pleasingly pleasant it just plain works.

ingredients: 80% sea salt, rose, cornflowers, marigold and orange blossom blossoms (May contain traces of sesame, mustard seed, celery and gluten)