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Rayu Kuki Chili-Infused Sesame Oil

1.58 oz jar - Japan

ingredients: sesame oil, red papper

One good whiff of this toasted chili-infused sesame oil, and you might fall in love! I know I did!

On first taste, like a first date, it is one of trepidation, fear, hope, and preparing for disappointment.

And just as many relationships begin, there were options. In this case, two oils to try. One was tall, and one was short. Both had good hearts, and yet one had just the right personality!

This oil has some good heat and a wonderful toasted sesame nose and flavor.

On the tongue, it is a true delight!

The sesame flavor starts and finishes the experience. In the middle of it all, the tip of the tongue tingles, and then the chili heat – that’s what makes the tingle – achieves two things. One, it feels like it dances, spreading like wildfire across the tongue, and the spiciness reaches up to the back of the roof of your mouth.

Wow! What fun this is!

Why is this one the right one over another one? To me, it is how the two flavors - sesame and chili - marry together and make harmony with the dishes they meet. The others are like having two personalities that share a bottle.

The chili heat is spicy, in a fun way, not just hot, making your eyes water. The sesame oil is rich, flavorful, and toasted just right, still carrying the flavor to the end.

This oil plays really well with so many dishes – firm yet gentle – perfect!


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