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  • Primo Pan Drolo Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies


Primo Pan Drolo Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

334 gram bag - Italy

Primo Pan Drolo

These are made for their amazing combination of ingredients to make a chocolatey, crunchy hazelnut cookie divine! Just because they don't have flour in them doesn't mean they can't be unbelievable!

These crunch-filled Chocolate Hazelnut cookies are to die for. Well, perhaps not quite that far, but they are pretty gosh darn good!

Open the package, and you instantly get a sweet whiff of cocoa and hazelnut! Perfectly lovely! The bite has a nice crispness to it, and as you chew, you get crunchy bites of hazelnut bits.

I find these flourless chocolate hazelnut cookies hard to resist. Eat them with contentment.

Different from flour-based cookies, the crunch and the bite are a great experience. If you like crunchy and chocolate cookies, these are fabulous!

Raise your expectations to a new plane, and you will be happy and filled with hazelnuts and dark chocolate!


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So good!
So crunchy and so good! And so diverse for a cookie! I can crumble them over ice cream or just eat them straight. Especially good for a gluten free person like myself.
by Annabella