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  • Petrizzelli Cortina Olive Oil from Puglia


Petrizzelli Calus Oratus (Cortina Mono-Cultivar) Olive Oil from Puglia

500 ml bottle - Puglia, Italy 

To the nose, this olive oil has some punch. You can tell with just a whiff that it's going to have great flavor.

The first spoonful reveals the oil to be light and fluffy. It dissipates quickly on the tongue and in the mouth. And then, almost as if it misses the middle of the mouth, it goes right back to the top of your throat, spicy and kicky, inciting a good cough.

The second sip reveals the olives, and the sip disappears as quickly as the first.

With the third sip, you hold the oil longer, trying to decipher the flavors and nuances. This appears to create more vapor, which then races to the back of your throat, giving you another good cough.

Given how oils have been over the last few years, it's such a treat to have an oil that has real personality, punch and flavor.
When you flatten your tongue and lick the spoon, you get this fine layer of oil again with a wonderful flavor and taste.

This oil is imported by Chef Fulvio for his restaurant, and we are lucky to be able to share it with you.