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  • Ortiz Mackerel Fillet (Sgomoro)



Ortiz Mackerel Fillet (Sgomoro) - 250 gram jar
- Spain

Stored in a glass jar so you can see what’s inside. You can pull the pieces out without them self-destructing like so many canned fishy do. Not too soft and not to firm. This delicate fish is delicious.

Taste wise, these guys are not overly fishy, though they have flavor. Good flavor. Not salty like anchovies, nor overly strong like sardinies. Like a happy marriage of the big three, it's a pretty delicious choice. 

Topped on a single cracker it all comes together. As always, as with any Ortiz top notch product, even the oil they put in the jar is special and worth savouring.

This time around there wasn't enough (after all the sampling) to make a mackerel salad sandwich but I'm looking forward to it. With a nice sweet pickle in the mix, along with the mayo, it’s really going to make a great sandwich when springtime finally gets here. 

You won't go wrong if you like little swimmers in your life, and these mackerel are a perfect addition to any pantry that's already stocked with sardines and tuna!

Sgombro (Atlantic Mackerel, also called Boston Mackerel), olive oil