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Organic Yuzu Ponzu Sauce

8.5 oz bottle
- Saitama, Japan


Yuzu Ponzu “sauce” is one of those flavors that makes Japanese food taste like it does. 

It's the subtle, umami difference that makes this organic Yuzu Ponzu sauce just plain amazing and appealing! This gem has, in addition to the basic ingredients, kombu and shiitake added.

One taste, and you know it's something special. To the nose, the shoyu (soy sauce) is the base of the "whiff," and on top is the delicate citrusy Yuzu. A tingly smell for sure. The first sip is similar to the mouth. The shoyu runs across the taste buds, attacking and spreading quickly, staying low, while the citrus Yuzu floats above, giving and sharing its tang.

It is this combination of shoyu and Yuzu tang, along with the kombu and shiitake, that makes this Japanese shoyu soy sauce tasty beyond belief! Zingy and zangy are great descriptions.

Think agro dolce (sour and sweet) with salty notes that wake up your tongue.

You can make it a dipping sauce for sashimi, a salad dressing, or toss it on some rice to add some spark! A dash on steak or even on your next Baywater Sweet oyster! This shoyu soy sauce has a versatile food personality to take you across the world or just change up your next bite!

Ingredients: Water, Soy Sauce* (water, soybeans*, wheat*, sea salt), Rice Vinegar*, Yuzu Juice*, Potato Syrup (Potato Starch, Barley Malt), Salt, Yuku and Sudachi Citrus*, Salted Sake* (Water, Rice*, Salt), Kombu Seaweed, Dried Shitake Mushrooms*,  *= Organic Ingredients


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Simply the best
I feel like this should be in its own category! Head and shoulders, taste and just plain yumminess above all the rest of the soy & ponzu sauces. Nothing compares - and I’ve tried them all
by Kat tucker