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  • Namahage Iburi-Jio, smoked sea salt
  • Namahage Iburi-Jio, smoked sea salt


3.5 OZ (100g) - JAPAN

Deep Sea Cherry Wood Smoked Salt!

Starting with deep sea off the coast of Japan, the oceans water is slowly heated in a large pot over a fire of wood. In three days, the water evaporates creating a crystalized salt rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium.

The “iburi” , or smoking process, is achieved by using pure cherry wood and allowing the salt to absorb the subtle nuances of the roasting wood. The result is a smoked sea salt that is complex in flavor, without the use of chemicals or liquid, to produce a fabulously wonderful, “sweet” smelling ingredient.

The resulting result, when used to create classic BBQ style football based meats, will wow your guests with a flavor they will love. But don’t just think BBQ. Smokiness, when thought of an ingredient and not a “type”, can expand into great ideas!

If you first think of traditional Japanese dishes like sashimi or tempura, you realize a crystal here or there could transform them from your plate to the ocean. Add a touch of smoked sea salt to a split pea soup or baked beans to twist the finish of your dish.

But if you like smoky, from a hint to a lot, add it to your seafood to enhance the ocean feel. Or add it to your roasted chicken will be enhanced with the Iburi-Jio roasted salt!

smoked sea salt

IBURI-JIO, smoked sea salt, displays a beautiful beige color and its aroma and flavor are distinctively smoky!

IBURI-JIO is a relatively new product as artisan Japanese products go. Its production began in 2002, but there is a good reason why this smoked salt was invented in Akita Prefecture. Akita is a region known for iburi-gakko, smoked and pickled daikon radish. The "Iburi" smoking technique is a traditional method for preserving the local crop of daikon radishes for consumption during the long, cold winters of the region. Traditionally, the locals hung as many daikon radishes as possible from their ceiling above the hearth in each home. After weeks of exposure to the smoke, the wonderfully aromatic daikon is then pickled in a salt and rice bran mixture to complete the preservation process.

The Oga Peninsula is famous for the Namahage Festival. Namahage is the name of an ancient Japanese deity resembling a scary demon. On New Year's Eve, a group of 2 to 3 village youths disguised as namahage (wearing large masks, straw raincoats and waist-bands, holding wooden cooking knives,) go around visiting the village homes at night, dancing around and shouting: "Any children crying? Any lazy daughters-in-law in this house?" They are met by the head of the family and are offered saké and rice cakes. Confirming that the family is a happy one, the namahage bless them with good health, good crops and prosperous business.


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A sweet beautiful smoky smell
We see, or should I say, smell lots of smoky salt. Rarely do we like one that isn't chemically or funky. This is the finest smoked salt we have ever seen. It smells good and there is no aftertaste when you are done. A clear indication of a well made product. No unnatural hidden flavorings this salt takes time to make. No gassing or pressure infused proccess. Like so many great products, time is what makes it great! Imagine just a few crystals on a pat of butter ....