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Not currently available - try 3 x 4 Ginger Ale Syrup INSTEAD
Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup
8 oz bottle - NY

Spicy Sweet Classic
Ginger Syrup
It’s pretty easy to make. (Three) Two basic ingredients and a little time and you are done. Getting good ginger can be the biggest issue.

Like all simple syrups, ginger syrup has become a staple for many bartenders. If you think of cocktails, it’s the natural match for ginger syrup. The go to simple syrup for many.

  It’s also awesome in club soda and lemonade! A blip into a mustard vinaigrette, add it to breakfast pastries, pound cakes, top yogurt and waffles. Or just make your own gingerale. Think fruit with pits and ginger syrup matches nicely. I am not sure if this will match the fabulous Reed avocado, but I am going to try it!

  Some of the most simple things can be divine! This simple simple syrup is!