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  • Kamebishi Soy Salt


Kamebishi Soy Salt Sannen Jozu

80g (2.82 oz) Bag - Japan

Of all the exotic salts, Soy Salt (a seasoning made from fermented soy) is one of my favorites. It is made from artisan Shoyu that has been fermented in 100-year-old cedar vats for 3 years. It has amazing crunch, with big flakes and even, crispy pieces, and a distinctive flavor that is hard to describe. To me, it's more like a treat than a "salt."

About the producer:

Soy Salt is a product that merges modern technology, human creativity, and traditional artisan-made soy sauce produced by a 254-year-old family-owned Japanese brewery. This unique idea - turning soy liquid into flakes - originated during conversations between the management of Kamebishi Company with Japanese chefs in Japan. The chefs were looking for some innovative seasoning made from fermented soy that was not liquid Shoyu.

This light, flaky, aromatic, and flavorful Soy Salt is a long way from very traditional products made by the Kamebishi company. Kamebishi is the only brewer today in Japan that continues to use the time and labor-intensive, 250-year-old koji preparation technique, called mushiro-koji, to make traditional Shoyu. All other brewers, large and small, have switched to more modern or highly automated methods to convert the soybeans to allow for fermentation.

In the mushiro-koji method, layers of koji mold-applied soybeans and wheat are placed on layers of mats made from bamboo and rice straw and placed in a temperature and humidity-controlled room. All of the processes are conducted by hand by experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen. In addition to the mushiro-koji method, Kamebishi relies largely on domestic organic ingredients. The fermentation process in 100-year-old cedar vats takes three full years.

There is another special production feature in Kamebishi's shoyu; Kamebishi uses a portion of its own two years-old shoyu in the fermentation process of each batch. In most breweries, spring water alone is the liquid used in the brewing process. This re-use of already aged shoyu results in more enhanced and complex flavors. The resulting shoyu is extremely flavorful with a 14.5% salt content. The dry Soy Salt is produced from the shoyu using modern drying equipment. The result is well-shaped, uniform soy salt crystals.

Serving suggestions:

You can use Soy Sauce Salt as a garnish to add a little extra flavor, add it for a touch of beauty, or sprinkle it to add a bit of mystery to almost any dish. It likes to be served with sushi, sashimi, and rice dishes. But don't be shy. Try it as a topper for pizza or pasta, salads, or fish. Or keep a little around for when the day just seems to go wrong...