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  • Monograno Organic Kamut Chiocciole Pasta


Monograno Organic Kamut Chiocciole Pasta

500 grams
- 1.1 pound box - Italy 

Hidden within the shape

is the taste of Khorasan Wheat Pasta

Known commercially as Kamut, this wheat from ancient times has its own distinct flavor. It's hard to explain, and it's hard to describe the taste and it's hard to imagine that with just two ingredients, Monograno Organic Kamut Chiocciole Pasta can taste so different. It's not like a farro pasta with it's earthy tones, or squid ink with it's deep tones, no, it's something else, that makes this pasta taste good!

Perhaps because it's different, perhaps because it's closer to the beginning of time, or, because the nutritional properties shine through, Monograno Organic Kamut Chiocciole Pasta is worth trying!  

Many foods do best when tested in their "environment", on rice, in a soup etc. Even some pastas do best when tasted and served with sauces. In some cases, a food like the Kamut Pasta, shines with or without anything. Bare naked, these taste good, add a little salt and olive oil and you have a complete meal!
Organic Kamut® Khorasan wheat, semolina, water

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