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Fleur de Sel de Guerande - Hervy

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Fleur de Sel de Guerande - Hervy
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Fleur de Sel de Guerande - Hervy - 5.4 oz jar

Brittany, France

This was the very first fleur de sel we carried, back in 1999 - and we're delighted to have it back! It's a beautiful salt, made from the least salty, purest part of the evaporating sea water in the salt pond.

This salt from M. Gilles Hervy is the genuine article. It's unrefined, unprocessed and unadulterated. Its small flaky crystals taste of the sea and her minerals.

Serving Suggestions
This is a finishing salt (rather than a cooking salt), perfect for bringing out the flavors in grilled meat, salads, or raw vegetables. A favorite French treat is fresh radishes dipped in fleur de sel, served with sweet butter and fresh sliced baguette.

About Fleur de Sel de Guerande
The area around the town of Guerande in Brittany enjoys a milder microclimate than the rest of the region, filled with salt marshes and benefiting from clean Atlantic currents. That's why Guerande is famous - it's a veritable heaven for salt harvesting.

The "fleur de sel" is the cream of the salt crop - it's a single day's evaporation of salt, from the very top layer of sea water. For every 80 pounds of sel gris (hand-harvested sea salt from the entire season), only 3 pounds of fleur de sel are harvested.

About the Producer:
Unlike many salt farmers, or "paludiers," the Hervy family has chosen to remain independent rather than joining a marketing cooperative to sell their wares. In France, the family - mother, father, daughter and two sons - sell at shows and roadside stands, but their U.S. sales have helped a great deal as well. The family owns two salt pond areas, and they consider their excellent quality salt and resulting loyal clientele to be a result of their total control of the product.

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