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  • MISSION Chocolate Baruja Bar with Baru Nuts and Sea Salt
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MISSION Chocolate Dark Baruja Bar with Baru Nuts and Sea Salt

60 gram bar - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Baru Nut Gianduja bar with a touch of sea salt.

Based on the concept of a traditional gianduja - which is chocolate and hazelnuts ground together.  In this case, roasted and ground Baru* nuts are mixed with chocolate in this heavenly, creamy treat - with just a touch of salt. Nutty, chocolatey and sweet flavors come together in a rich inclusion bar that is unlike anything you've tasted before. There's a hint of warm spice flavors - though the bar has no added spices. This bar is cream and "Peanut-y" - just like you would expect - but with the distict Baru Nut flavor.

*See the Baru Nut Bar for more information about Baru nuts.

ingredients: Cacao, organic sugar, baru nuts, cocoa butter, sea salt