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Les Ruchers de Bourgogne Traditional Lavender Honey

250 gram jar - France

It is lavender season almost everywhere, and the bees are busy making food for the queen and honey for us.

We are fans of honey made from flowers and trees, as well as honey from all over the world. We have tasted a lot of honey in our time!

What is truly amazing, at least to me, is that honey from a plant, a flower in this case, can be so different from the same plant, in this case, a flower of a specific species grown in different places in the world. It can be so different.

Yes, the underlying tones are often the same, yet they can also be wildly different. Perhaps that is the definition of wild?

And this is one of my all-time favorite Lavender honeys in the world! There is also a Maritime Lavender honey from the same bees that has a hint of the sea in it, which I truly love, but it is much harder to get.

When you open the jar of this honey, it is warm, creamy, and has a gentle, soft, inviting look. That is how you feel even before you sink your spoon in to savor and taste this elixir!

In the mouth, it is just as you anticipate, and even better. Soft and delicate, the flavors are as you expect and want. Sweet Lavender, subtle, delicious, and just right.

It is how you want your honey to be, but way better!