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Les Ruchers de Bourgogne Acacia Honey - 375 g (13.22 oz) - France

Acacia honey is actually from a false acacia, Robinia pseudoacacia, commonly known as black locust, a tree native to eastern North America and widely planted in Europe.

Acacia honey has lower acid content than other honeys and its high fructose content means that it can stay liquid for a long time. It's color ranges from a light yellow to white to clear.

The Acacia honey from Apidis is a very pale yellow and very runny. Because it tastes so purely sweet, it is the perfect all-purpose honey to have around you pantry. Perfect for drizzling or stirring into your afternoon tea.

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Acacia Honey
The product was delivered intact and in a timely fashion. It is delicious. I have used it with Brie and with biscuits. Heavenly. I highly recommend the produce and the supplier.
by Michelle Degnan