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La Vecchia Dispensa Balsamic 6 yr (density: 1.2)

250 ml - Modena, Italy

This youngster is oh so much more versatile than many table balsamics, regardless of its age, or price.
As they will tell you at La Vecchia Dispensa, creating a young, versatile balsamic, with the right balance of acidity and sweetness is an art, and the art is in the blending.

The right amount of old balsamic with their sweet flavor profiles and young, feisty balsamic with lots of acidity. That is exactly what they've done here. Their Black Seal, known as 6-Year here in the USA, to give you a feel for the age of some of the balsamic used for the blend. It has a fruitier palate than their 10-Year, and it isn't as dry on the finish.

It does exhibit a nice level of complexity, and the acid on the finish leaves the mouth with a nice crispness that is perfect for salads and for cooking. It is an excellent introduction point into the world of balsamic.

This is an IGP Balsamic of Modena.

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