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  • La Vecchia Dispensa 40-yr Balsamic


La Vecchia Dispensa 40-yr Balsamic Condimento
40 ml bottle
- Modena, Italy

This Condimento Balsamic Vinegar can trace its roots back forty years 

This is an aged balsamic, naturally thickened by evaporation. This condimento balsamic vinegar has a smell that reveals only a whiff of caramelized sugar and acid, with no hint of the joys to come.  

The flavor opens with woody notes and hints of truffle before blossoming into a very complex fruit mid-palate, with a cascade of blackberry and black cherry notes. It moves quickly to a nutty, almost buttery in the wine sense, and finishes with a pleasant amount of back-of-the-palate acid. 

Leaning into the acidity, we found this to be an exceptional "sipper", and one that would go well with duck, venison, and game birds. 

This condimento balsamic vinegar, as you might expect, like the 100-year-old, is in limited supply. This is (an almost) special order and will take additional days before it ships.