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  • Kozliks Canadian Amazing Maple Mustard


Kozliks Canadian Amazing Maple Mustard - 8.5 oz jar 

All Natural, Gluten Free - Canada

Smoky smelling, the maple syrup adds a sweetness to the total flavor. Unexpected, the flavor rolls to the back of the mouth and to the throat like an olive oil. The Sweet syrup feel and taste plays perfectly with the heat of the mustard. Clearly would be good with the right sandwich, or as the base of a summer salad dressing.

About Kozlik's
Canada grows over 90% of the world's mustard and is home to the world's biggest and oldest mustard mill. Kozlik's has been hand-making mustard for over 60 years, and is recognized as the world's best.

ingredients: Mustard Seed, White Distilled Vinegar, Maple Syrup, Water, Sugar, Sea Salt