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  • Kasama Chocolate Single Malt Canadian Whisky 70-Percent Barrel Aged Dark Bar


Kasama Chocolate Single Malt Canadian Whisky 70% Barrel Aged Dark Bar

55 gram bar - Vancouver, Canada

Special Release.

2021 International Chocolate Awards, Silver in World Competitions: Bean-to-Bar Dark Chocolate with Infusion/Flavoring

The Costa Esmeraldas beans are roasted and cracked, and then the nibs are aged for 4 weeks in an oak cask with Odd Society Distillery's Commodore single malt whisky. The nibs are then dried and stone ground to create a deliciously rich dark chocolate.

Ella's Tasting Notes: The initial flavor is of rich dark dates.  The caramel fruit notes are immeditately joined by sweet, malted whiskey. Suddenly you feel your body melt with the chocolate. There are waves of flavors: sweet whiskey, dates, caramel, sweet whisky, a hint of oak - a beautiful symphony plays on, and you wish it would never end.  

Ingredients: Whisky Barrel Aged Cacao Nibs*, Unrefined cane sugar*, Cacao butter*