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  • Jack Rudys Cocktail Grenadine Syrup


Jack Rudy's Pomegrenite Grenadine Syrup - 17 oz jar

Grenadine - flash back in time
Jack Rudy Cocktail Company has done it again.

Taking an essential component, in this case grenadine, and making old new again.  It's about going backwards in time and making a grenadine that is absolutely splendid'ish’esh for our taste receptors. Perhaps not just for them, but also in our memories.

By taking the old formula of pomegranate (from a single family farm) & cane sugar, along with a few ingredients, in a procedure that is undoubtedly a secret, to make a great grenadine that is not only new but also harkens to the past.

From Medieval Latin, pomum granatum, describing apple with many seeds, and grenade in old French meaning pomegranate. It is thus deduced that Grenadines etymology comes from it’s main ingredient, pomegranate juice?

The most modern of grenadine ingredients have changed from these three basic ingredients, to replacing grenade with red currants and other fruit juices. And then, to lower the cost of production even more, manufacturers have turned to a high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, and the addition of flavorings & food coloring number blue, skipping fruit altogether, Not exactly true to the name!

Unlike pomegranate “syrup”, which has a tendency to be sour and tart, and sometimes even bitter, Jack's Rudy's grenadine is the perfect mix of sweet, flavor-rich and sour. It’s so good that you can eat it with a spoon!

If we still had the direct flight on Piedmont Airlines from Seattle to South Carolina it would be worth hopping a plane just to get this Grenadine (and a bottle of Tonic Syrup), that's how good it is. Good thing we have our own supply!

Shop now for both Tonic and Grenadine! Enhance your life with a Roy Roger (cola & grenadine), or a Shirley Temple (ginger ale & grenadine). Either way, with a good ginger ale or cola and using the original maraschino cherry, you can definitely go back in time!