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Bruce Cost Ginger Ale - Original - 4 pack

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale - Original - 4 pack
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4 pack, 12 oz bottles

Ginger Ale
Ice cold, this is sipping' ale

Ginger Ale. Clear your taste buds and your memory of what you think ginger ale should taste like.

It's not "soda", nor is it some hard core British Ginger Beer. No, this is fresh ginger in liquid in a bottle. Made from some of the biggest ginger I have ever seen (Bruce Cost who makes it, showed me a piece of ginger) really makes it good.

When I first tried it, I didn't expect such amazing flavor. Even more surprising was the absolutely refreshing taste. A little cup goes a long way to revitalizing your brain, and it also has the immediate effect that you want more. It's that good!

No extracts, no oils, just fresh ginger,, and pure cane sugar. Use it to make a Gin and Ginger, Dark and Stormy, or just make it as cold as you can, pour into a frosted glass, and don't be stingy, baby!

Or as Norman Maine says; "ginger ale and …ginger ale" - Star is Born, 1937.

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