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  • Italian Fennel Pollen
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Essential Pantry Italian Fennel Pollen

17gr - Italy

Italian Fennel Pollen Seasoning
It's like a kitchen drug that's legal!

My supply is long gone; my sister stole my secret stash. It was old, I told her, but she didn’t care. Like the Tabasco Crazy, she is Italian Fennel Pollen Wacky; she, who puts it on almost everything. Eggs in the morning, eggs at night, fish, pasta and even popcorn!

I have to admit, like a drug, once you start to use it, it's like it saved your life! Fabulous on fish or grilled vegetables, the standard recipe is fennel pollen chicken.

It's so easy it transforms mundane chicken to the insane. (See note about my sister above.) And all you have to do is add fennel pollen to the mix of salt and pepper! It’s that easy!

Just in! (not quite) Just Arrived! (actually it's here) Order now! (definitely!) 

It is the most secret gift (perhaps of all) that you can give, small enough to hide in your pocket so you can surprise your host. Yet there is no box big enough to hold the explosive, effervescent excellence of nose that is in this little jar.

Though it won’t last a lifetime, (and neither will our supply) your memory of it will!

Buy wild fennel pollen and rub it on your protein, infuse your pasta, and add it to your cookies too! It works hard and plays well with everyone.