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Hey Boo Organic Grass-Fed Cultured Ghee

8 oz jar - California

Ingredients: Organic Cultured Butter

Organic Grass-fed Cows
Cultured Ghee

Understanding Ghee for me, takes away the unknown, and why having it by the stove at the ready makes good sense.

Ghee is butter that is cooked over a low heat until the milk solids start to brown, giving a little nutty caramelized flavor. The process is very similar to clarified butter removing the water but cooks the milk solids.

This removal of the water allows for a higher smoke point of over 460 degrees F. High in omega-3s and butyric acid creating goodness for your gastrointestinal tract.

In Ayurveda, Ghee is prized for it's digestive, anti-inflammatory and helps with ones memory. Ghee even has a mythic beginning centuries ago where the deity Prajapati greated Ghee from nothing.

Use Ghee to fry in, especially potatoes! The high smoke and its essence of butter flavor at the same time being awesome for you is hard to beat.

Not all Ghee is created equal. It starts with the cows and what they eat. These grass fed cows live in the natural pastures of northern California. A European style cultured butter is created and then it is slow cooked to produce this Ghee.

It is all these elements together that matter and what creates this excellent Ghee from Hey Boo. Try some now and if you haven't tried Hey Boo's you should!