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Hey Boo Coconut Caramel Sauce - 10 oz jar - San Francisco, CA

Hey Boo Coconut Caramel
Spoon ready all day long!

This Coconut Caramel is a combination that has come together perfectly in a jar. Combine creamy delicious coconut milk into the caramel making process and you have a spoon ready spreadable dessert that has a twist that is delish!

Smooth and silky, as soon as you dip your spoon (or finger) into the glossy "sauce" and your visual mind immediately goes to spiraling it over your favorite vanilla ice cream. To the taste, that first taste is truly an anticipatory moment of curiosity and pleasure!

The smoothness and the sticky-ness melts away into flavors of questions (think of the coconut), sweetness, and smokiness of sugars. It seems simple to one taste bud and to the other bud, complex and fascinating. The fabulously "butteriness" flavor is dairy free with coconut milk being the first ingredient. Next cane sugar (no corn here), organic agave syrup, inverted sugar, salt from the sea, and cream of tartar. The result is, as you might be able to tell, heaven on a spoon.

Let us start with breakfast (who doesn't wish for sweetness early in the morning) pancakes, waffles & toast. Granola, dutch baby, or mix it into your cream cheese. Stir caramel sauce into your coffee with a cinnamon stick or bake your bacon with a brushing of coconut caramel sauce!

If breakfast is not your thing (just get a spoonful on the way out the door), then add it to your popcorn, mustard sauce, cookies, applesauce, top the freshest fruit you can find, or mix it with bourbon and mix it into banana smoothie! For nighttime add to hot chocolate, chai lattes, or a dollop to your hot toddy tonight! Cheers!