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  • Hawkshead Rhubarb and Ginger Jam
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Hawkshead Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

220 gram jar - Lake District, UK

I am late to the party for loving rhubarb and really anything with rhubarb in it. It all started with a strawberry rhubarb pie that my friend Stanley made while he was living in Topanga Canyon. Even though he said nothing about the pie was just right the pie was absolutely delicious. 

Perhaps it was because the stove ran out of propane and we had to go to a neighbors house a couple streets away to bake the pie or the fact that we were in the presence of movie stars, either way that’s when I fell in love with rhubarb. 

This rhubarb and ginger jam is delicious. I sampled a whole jar just to make sure it was good. 

To the mouth the ginger sits outside on the periphery and in the gel the rhubarb floats about in both flavor and in physical bite. Perhaps not what you expect at first, it is way better than expected. 

Though sweet in nature there is the natural sour edge from the ginger and rhubarb.  

Spreading on morning toast is a natural move to enjoy this rhubarb and ginger jam. Consider topping or on the side for a nice pork chop.  

Add this to your next ham sandwich by mixing the rhubarb ginger jam in with mayonnaise to not only change but to elevate the mayonnaise and ultimately your total experience! 

What a sweet addition. 

ingredients: Rhubarb (50%), sugar, orange juice, ginger puree (5.5%), gelling agent (pectin)

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